Account Registration

The Slyft service is free of charge. However and account at is required to process your API requests accordingly.

For the registration, we ask for your e-mail address, a password and your agreement to our terms and conditions. Please provide a valid e-mail address as we will send a confirmation link by email which you have to confirm. We promise to send you e-mails only regarding your slyft account.

Registration is done using the Slyft command line client. If you haven't installed it yet, please take a look at the Download page and do so. 

After your registration, an account will be created for you where we store projects and project files. The registration process is carried out by the slyft client. To register, trigger the user register command of the slyft client:

$ slyft user register

It will ask for you e-mail address, please provide it there

Thank you for your interest in Slyft! Please provide us your email address and
a password (min. 6 characters). Please make sure you have access to the email account given
as we will send you a confirmation email to this address.


You will then be prompted for a password and password confirmation. Please provide at lease 6 characters for the password, otherwise the registration process will fail with an error message.

Enter Password:
Confirm Password:

Registration continues with the Terms&Conditions acceptance:

For a successful registration, we kindly ask you to read and accept our
Terms and Conditions. Please press [ENTER] to view and accept. >

Hit Enter. The recent version of our terms and conditions will be downloaded and presented in a paged view. Hit ENTER to see the next pages until you reach the end of the document. It concludes with the acceptance entry:

Do you accept the Terms and Conditions? [y/n]:

Registration will only continue with an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. After acceptance, the registration request is processed by the Slyft server. Positive result is:

Registration successful. We've sent you a confirmation email to the email address
you given for this registration process. Please have a look at your inbox for
a new message from `` and follow the instructions presented there
to activate your account.

Please follow these instructions to activate your account.