Downloading and Installing Slyft


Slyft is a web based service and available as a REST API. To make it easier to use the slyft service, we created a command line client to help you use the API. This page shows how to download the most recent version for your platform, ensure file integrity and install it.

The command line client, known as the "Slyft client", is a precompiled static binary, available for Windows, Linux and OSX/MacOS. For a quick setup you may want to simply download the binary. Experienced users may want to get the source code and compile it. To do that please find building instructions at the GitHub Page.

For file integrity we deliver MD5SUMs, signed with our GPG-Key.


Precompiled binaries are part of the releases and can be found on our Downloads page and on our GitHub Releases Page. At present we package binaries as ZIP files, per platform. Supported platforms include Windows 64 bit PE32+, Linux 64 bit and MacOS/OSX.

For detailed instructions, please look at the Downloads pages.

Verifying file integrity

To be able to verify the file integrity, both md5sum and gpg tools are needed. Please make sure to have them installed. This step however is not necessary to get slyft up and running, but recommended.

To import slyftio's gpg public key, download it from and import it into your gpg keyring using:

$ curl | gpg --import

Download both the MD5SUMs file and the signature file MD5SUMs.gpg, and save it in the same folder, next to the platform binary.

To verify the MD5SUM file, run

$ gpg --verify MD5SUMs.gpg MD5SUMs

It should output a correct signature from Release-Signer <>.

Then, verify the integrity of the downloaded binary, using

$ md5sum -b -c MD5SUMs

which should give you an OK response for the downloaded binary.


The slyft binary can be run locally from the current directory. You are free to place it anywhere and set the PATH variable accordingly, i.e. on Linux or OSX run:

$ sudo cp slyft /usr/local/bin/

and ensure /usr/local/bin/ is in $PATH

On Windows you may want to copy it to a folder under \Program Files and set %PATH% accordingly.

Start the client

To run the client, execute the binary:

$ slyft 
       .__           _____  __
  _____|  | ___.__._/ ____\/  |_
 /  ___/  |<   |  |\   __\\   __\   The Service Layer for Things
 \___ \|  |_\___  | |  |   |  |     Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
/____  >____/ ____| |__|   |__|
     \/     \/

Usage: slyft [OPTIONS] COMMAND [arg...]

Perfect! Now you can head on to the next chapter and register.