Account Management

The user command allows for user registration, login and logout, and account deactivation. An overview of the subcommands can be queried using

$ slyft user
Usage: slyft user COMMAND [arg...]

User/Account management

  register, r   Register yourself
  login, l      Login with your credentials
  logout        Log out from your session
  delete        Delete your account

Run 'slyft user COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.


The register subcommand creates a user account and allows you to log in to the slyft service. The sub command works interactively.


  • E-Mail Address (for later account confirmation and activation)
  • Password (Minimun of 6 characters)
  • Acceptance of slyft's terms and conditions

Please follow all actions that are shown. Your registration will only become active after you received the confirmation email and clicked on the link given in the email text.

$ slyft user register                                                                      

Thank you for your interest in Slyft! Please provide us your email address and
a password (min. 6 characters). Please make sure you have access to the email account given
as we will send you a confirmation email to this address.

Enter Password (min. 6 characters): <ENTER PASSWORD>
Please confirm Password: <ENTER PASSWORD AGAIN>

For a successful registration, we kindly ask you to read and accept our
Terms and Conditions. Please press [ENTER] to view and accept. > <HIT ENTER>

..... (Terms and Conditions following) ...

Do you accept the Terms and Conditions? [y/n]: <HIT Y>

Registration successful. We've sent you a confirmation email to the email address
you given for this registration process. Please have a look at your inbox for
a new message from `` and follow the instructions presented there
to activate your account.


All Slyft API calls regarding project and asset management require you to be logged in, using the credentials given during the registration process. The login subcommand is interactive.

$ slyft user login
Enter Email: <YOUR EMAIL>
Enter Password: <YOUR PASSWORD>
Login successful, have fun...

After successful login, a credential file is written to ~/.slyftrc. It contains (among other settings) an API token that is valid for the current login session, and will be reused for all API calls until logout.


$ slyft user logout
Bye for now. Looking forward to seeing you soon...

Logout removes the API token from ~/.slyftrc.


Danger Zone: This subcommand delete the user account from the slyft service. It is necessary to be logged in. Important As of now, there is no confirmation question, the account will be deleted immediately.

$ slyft user delete                                                                          
Deleted the account. We are sorry to see you go. Come back soon...